Cover Reveal: A Thousand Sunsets

Monday, April 7, 2014

Okay, remember last year when I was being all vague about a new book? Well, I'll stop that right now. A Thousand Sunsets will be published by Melange Books, and the talented Stephanie Bibb has created a beautiful cover for it that I'm extremely excited to show you!

Struggling to be a dad and a son, Alexander didn’t know he was lost. Living her dream, Sarah didn’t know she needed to be found. Enter cupid in the form of a dying man, who hasn’t had much contact with his children and grandchildren in the years after his wife’s death. In the meantime, however, a new family has formed around him. Patrick McCullough’s staring contest with death and wish to unite the family of his blood and the one of his heart kindles love meant to last, causes tempers to flare, and creates second chances that are given, taken, and thrown away. In the middle of the chaos, a young boy struggles to stay afloat.

At this time, the goal is to release it in July. I'll pester you all with the exact date once I have it.